Global GAP Certification: The Key to Exporting to Europe

The Global GAP certification, also known as Good Agricultural Practices (GAP), is a globally recognized standard that guarantees safety, quality, and sustainability in agricultural production. This certification has become a fundamental requirement for exporting agricultural products to Europe and other international markets.


Acupuncture Method in Architecture and Urban Planning

In the world of architecture and urban planning, there is an innovative method known as Architectural Acupuncture. This approach is based on the idea of applying the principles of traditional Chinese acupuncture to the design and development of urban spaces.


Mobile Hospitals for Central Asia

Spanish mobile hospital technology has been used not only in Spain and Europe, but also in Africa and Latin America. The implementation of mobile hospitals is a cost-effective and highly beneficial solution to improve healthcare in remote or hard-to-reach areas.


Cosmetics Export – Central Asia

Central Asia is an emerging market for high-quality cosmetic products, and countries such as Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan are experiencing an increase in demand for imported cosmetics. Spanish and Italian cosmetics products are especially popular in these markets due to their reputation for being high-quality and the perception that they are...


Business Opportunities: Health Sector in Central Asia

Central Asia, particularly Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan, offer significant business opportunities for European companies in the health sector due to the increasing demand for high-quality medical services in the region.