Clients, who are interested in an international technology transfer, are offered a full range of services by ACIR to create a joint venture with both, Spanish and Russian partners:


Consultancy services

and analytical support (collection of analytical data regarding key players, cooperation schemes and other joint-venture management matters; recommendations)

Assistance with document processing

A comprehensive and thorough work is always carried out to get all necessary documents issued, completed and reviewed, as well as validated with competent authorities.

Choosing a partner

to meet your interest to the fullest. 

Transaction support

A designated team of professionals will accompany you throughout the process, responding to your requests, as many times as needed, and speaking the language you’d prefer.

Risk analysis

Forecasting, risk analysis, cooperation perspectives review

High-level business relationships

Apart from developing your business, you’ll be pleased to make high-level contacts, which our ecosystem offers to Eurasian and European companies. 

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