Government procurement

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If you want to get a solid contract and guaranteed orders, you should pay your attention to one of the most reliable distribution channels, such as government procurement. But, if you want to participate in a government procurement (in Russia it’s an e-procurement only), you’ll need to spend a while on preparations and get different specialists involved into the process.

ACIR offers a full range of services, starting from the very first step, which is to fill-in and submit your e-application, up to be a success in a tender. We’ve created an unprecedented «One-window» service, a system to help you solve all disputable issues, fill in and submit all necessary documents without spending time on a search of a particular specialist.

You participation in an e-procurement gets at ease, since we assume all duties in submitting and supporting your application throughout the tender:


  • current procurement and customer needs analysis,

  • selection of the most suitable tender,

  • creation and registration of an e-signature to participate in any procurement,

  • accreditation for government procurement,

  • preparation of a tender application,

  • ensuring compliance of your procurement with the law,

  • search and security of funds for your participation in a government procurement,

  • full assistance with e-tendering (from selecting a proper tender up to signing a contract),

  • submission of an application to FAS (Federal Anti-Monopoly Agency) in case of a customer-driven misconduct (when needed)

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