Event support

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If you want personalized attention, do not hesitate to contact us. Choose the office closest to your location and our specialists will assist you to answer all your questions.

Our goal is to have the ACE partner’s business enhanced and prosperous. We provide event management and support, since we’ve got a long-term experience of being on both sides of a transaction, so we do understand how such events may increase your chances to sign a contract you really need.

ACE professionals will help you conduct negotiations, arrange a presentation or a videoconference.



  • select negotiating parties;

  • select a venue and set up a time;

  • arrange the event logistics;

  • professional translation with a deep knowledge of a sector;

  • reasonably arranged time frames;

  • arranged order of presentations.


The key element of negotiations and further liaison is a presentation, which should be sensitive to the target audience interests and perceptions. An accurate translation, a nice slide design and overall context are all of a major importance. To prepare and hold a presentation is an important step to build up a relationship with your partner and make a great first impression.


Videoconferences is a brand new trend to make first contacts and ensure a continuous work on a distance (which is relevant to international joint-ventures and investors, who prefer to stay tuned).

ACE offices in EEU countries and Spain work as a Communication Centre to arrange business negotiations, presentations, videoconferences and other formats of business and corporate communication at a professional level. ACE’s Communication Centre renders the above services along with provision of a work space.

Marketing and PR

Sales are impossible without marketing, as well is marketing is impossible without sales. To make your event yield results, our marketing and media team will offer you a wide range of options to reach a wider and better audience coverage.

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