“Done! Will be done!”
Eduard Gulyan
CEO, Business Ambassador of Business Russia

ACEA is a Eurasian Business Alliance, which contributes to development of commercial, economic and industrial relations between Spain, Portugal, Italy and the EEU countries.

We develop, finance and manage projects in different fields of economy with an individual approach. Our expertise helps us provide best solutions for a company’s internationalization, funding and expansion.

Our business values

Equal partnership

We not only consult, but share risks with our partners by investing up to 30% into current projects.

Confidentiality and guarantees

Commercial and administrative issues are protected by the European and Eurasian Laws. Prudence and efficiency are our fundamentals.


Bilateral services

ACEA works in both directions: import to / export from Spain / EEU + Uzbekistan.

Cooperation at a high level

The members of the Alliance team are well-known business and government executives. This helps us get access to exclusive business marketplaces.


Innovation ecosystem

ACEA business ecosystem offers the most up-to-date technological tools along with high standard services.

Business representation

Our partners automatically get use of all benefits, like office space, legal, administrative and custom formalities.

Project funding

Our expertise and years of tough work have made us part of many enterprises. Thus, we invest up to 30% of funds into projects.

This investment scheme works as an additional guarantee to our work, since the risks are shared by all parties, not just a partner. The remaining 40% are invested by organizations, which form part of our business ecosystem.

This feature makes us fundamentally different from other consultancy companies.