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Export of goods and services requires search of and liaison with partners, negotiations, execution of agreements, their registration and enforcement.

Main sectors

Food and beverages

Consumer goods

Technology and services


Who do we assist?

Different export companies seek for our assistance with sale of products and services.

  • Export companies, which have already reached the markets of the EEU countries. ACE helps them understand the challenges, these markets may set them out, as well as find and build-up a business network at all levels through their membership in the Business Club.

  • Export companies from Europe, Asia, and Latin America, which are keen to expand their businesses into the EEU, but haven’t reached these markets yet.

  • Niche and innovation producers, like designer clothing, perfume & cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, IT, machinery and equipment.


What do we really do?

ACE provides a comprehensive range of services to support and ensure export transactions, like:

  • gathering and analysis of relevant data about the end market;
  • search of counterparts, following the Client’s requests and interests;
  • assistance in entering a market and developing a distribution chain;
  • customs support;
  • management of goods transportation and delivery to a counterpart;
  • management of product storage before sale;
  • solving of other related issues.

We also help open a joint venture in Spain, Portugal, Italia, Kazakhstan,  Uzbekistan, Belarus and other EEU countries.

How do we work?

The first step of cooperation is to get a clear understanding of a current situation on the market and answer questions, whether a product or a service will be demanded, what best way to have it presented and promoted is? That is why a market analysis and research are our «must have».

Distribution scheme is developed individually in each particular case, taking product features and business needs into account. A single package doesn’t exist. An individual, most suitable, approach, as well as an export strategy and action plan are developed and applied for each particular customer in each particular case.

Our services are mainly demanded by Spanish and European companies, which export their products, services and technology to Russia and the EEU countries.

Europeans tend to cooperate with institutional frameworks, whereas Russian businessmen tend to build-up a private network of contacts. Spain is a trade bridge between Europe, Asia and Latin America, where we play a role of a platform to facilitate commercial cooperation between those countries.

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