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A new project means investments into a new product or service without setting up a company.

Since many companies in Europe and Spain, in particular, are family or joint-stock companies, the most comfortable way to collaborate is to invest into a new product line. The major question, which has probably made you visit this page, is «Which sectors and projects are the most profitable to invest your money in?»


This form of cooperation allows you to work on a reliable market and estimate your investments multiplication. Thus, you’ll be perfectly aware of your investments and dividends flow.

New technologies

Access to new management styles and a different business culture. It drastically changes the existing stereotypes and set of mind and let us gain new skills and learn to think and act differently.

We help evaluate long-term benefits such projects may bring in Spain and the EEU countries. ACE specialists make up an investment plan and carry out a market, risk and profitability research.

Clients, who want to invest their money into launch or enhancement of a product line, may rely on us in a matter of choosing the most profitable projects to multiply their funds. You’ll get a frank assessment of potential investments into a new project, true-life recommendations and practical advice. Moreover, we don’t only speak but also do, which means we’ll help you prepare all necessary documents and provide you with a transaction support.

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