The world’s best practices in education

for people with disabilities

Spanish National Organization of the Blind
(Organización Nacional de Ciegos de España, ONCE)

(Spanish Organización Nacional de Ciegos de España, abbreviated ONCE) is the largest Spanish public organization, founded in 1938. In 2018, the ONCE Social Group was created, which includes ONCE (society of the blind, lotteries), Fundación ONCE (training, adaptation) and ILUNION (tourism, rehabilitation, residences for the elderly, remote services, consulting).

World leader

The undisputed world leader and flagship, which over the past 8 decades has managed to create a unique model of social security and jobs for people with disabilities (HH).

Many projects

Today, the ONCE organization implements a significant number of projects, while specializing in technology development, professional training, as well as social integration and the creation of specialized enterprises.

One of the main directions of ONCE is education

ONCE education

is a powerful tool in the field of educational services, created on the basis of the best practices of the world leader of the ONCE group of companies, Spain, and the needs of the Russian and EAEU markets, aimed at developing social integration projects in Russia, improving the quality of life of people with disabilities (HH) and their families, solving their problems in everyday life.


Faculty of Social Work:

39.03.02 Social work in various spheres of life

39.04.02 Organizational and administrative activities in the system of social protection of the population

Sociological faculty:

39.03.01 Social psychology

Faculty of Humanities:

41.03.05 International humanitarian cooperation

Faculty of Medicine:

34.03.01 Medical and diagnostic specialization


The goal of the project is to form educational subdivisions of the faculties of sociology, psychology, diagnostics, medicine, etc., created on the basis of higher educational institutions to train personnel in the field of providing services to people with disabilities.


After completing the training, an opportunity is provided for an internship at enterprises adapted for people with disabilities.

The project also provides for the creation of specialized centers for training (online and offline) people with disabilities with the possibility of further employment.

Cooperation options in various fields


is a world leader


over 80 years of experience


practical base of methodologies


best international practices


European quality system

Cooperation options in various fields



a unique method of vocational education in the field of work and service for people with disabilities


author’s training programs for people with disabilities (online, offline courses)


working out the acquired knowledge in practice


employment of specialists in partner network organizations

Who is the program for?

The target

  • Higher education institutions

    those wishing to implement educational programs according to the ONCE methodology

  • Educational institutions

    working in the field of education of people with disabilities

  • Rehabilitation centers

    and institutions for further internships for ONCE graduates

  • Employment centers

    able to provide vacancies for ONCE graduates and people with disabilities

  • Social associations of people with disabilities

    those wishing to get qualified specialists

  • Departments

    and social welfare institutions

Completed projects

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