Processing and storage of fish and seafood

A significant number of completed projects

Simulation technology and BIM methodology

full compliance with the principles of Industry 4.0.

Energy Saving Technologies

Maximum implementation of automation

Detailed project description

Introduction of advanced technologies for the development of the fish and seafood processing industry.

Construction, equipping and modernization of fish industry enterprises:

* refrigerated warehouses

* processing of frozen seafood

* production of canned fish and semi-finished products

* workshop for packing fresh and frozen fish and shellfish

* crayfish processing

* production of smoked and salted fish

* processing surimi products

Implementation features

A significant number of types of contracts: full or partial EPC, EPCM, EPC open book.

Special opportunities for commercial financing by European credit institutions, as well as for obtaining subsidies.

The ability to localize production and the creation of collective enterprises.

Possibility of organizing various formats of partnership.


Focus segment

* fish logistic complexes

* fish factories and plants

* food companies

* Ministry of Agriculture, Rosrybolovstvo and other departments

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