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Having a reliable representative on the distribution market is of a vital importance for export companies. This role becomes especially crucial, when a company is entering an unknown (new) market.

We offer a commercial and technical representation of export companies’ interests in Spain, Portugal, Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus and other countries.

Inclusive services

We’ll help resolve issues related to a partner selection

We’ll organize products and services sales

We’ll ensure company’s expansion on new national or regional markets

We’ll build up good relations with counterparts and state institutions, sector associations and business communities

The services, ACIR professionals and reliable outsourcers and agents provide, are not limited by the list above. Only high-profile specialists with a proven experience are engaged by ACIR.

The sector, a company belongs to, as well as certain technical solutions are always taken into account by ACIR, while rendering their services.

The Client is only required to provide a full work specification and some supporting information, as well as appoint a person in charge, who will be able to take prompt decisions.

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