A unique urban socio-cultural project

based on the best practices for the development of European capitals

This quarter is at the same time residential, business, historical and cultural center.

Barrio de las Letras

The project is analogous to the Madrid project Barrio de las Letras, which over the sixteen years of its existence has managed to prove the effectiveness of the model used in practice, thanks to which the city center has been turned not only into a family and cozy corner where you want to live, work and come to visit because of a special atmosphere steeped in history, but also to increase the total number of visits to the area, and, consequently, the total profit of the members of the Association, crime was reduced, and a higher rate of response of the authorities to the needs of the population was ensured.

The history of Barrio de las Letras began in 2005, when locals and entrepreneurs came together to create a microcosm filled with love for their area, and also sought to preserve the history of their area, bringing together a wide variety of companies and institutions to create the best working conditions, and also in order to create a comfortable urban environment. This concept is quite close to Muscovites, whose ancestors lived and worked in special areas – Sloboda.

So, part of the Presnya district belonged to the Priyezdnaya Sloboda (Priyezdnya) and the Gruzinskaya Sloboda.

Project area

Part of the Presnya district, including the Zoo and the nearby Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception with access through Tishinskaya Square to 1st Tverskaya-Yamskaya Street.

Part of the territory bounded by Novy Arbat Street, Garden Ring (Novinsky Boulevard, Sadovaya-Kudrinskaya, Bolshaya Sadovaya) to Triumfalnaya Square, st. Tverskaya, st. Mokhovaya, st. Vozdvizhenka.

Benefits of cooperation


Creation of a comfortable urban environment. Organization of leisure, business and cultural pedestrian flows. The unity of the neighborhood and business communities of the quarter is achieved, the formats of family and neighborhood business are developing.


Implementation of effective management mechanisms and modern communication techniques. An effective support system for socio-cultural projects and conceptual business. Increasing the overall potential of public-private partnerships, creating additional jobs.


Creation of a long-term plan for cultural events, which includes festivals and fairs, increasing their international importance, as well as development in the field of event tourism.


Improving relations with other European capitals, which allows the development of mutually beneficial partnerships, as well as an extremely effective exchange of experience. The possibility of implementing projects in practice, as well as the introduction of mutual investment programs.


Of Moscow in the world art processes and the promotion of competitive products and services in the field of culture in the international market, as an important condition for the development of the business of the city of Moscow and the growth of its investment attractiveness.

Target audiences

RETAIL (shops, restaurants, cafes, services)

  • the quarter is a trendy place
  • numerous, thematic, seasonal festivals, carnivals, fairs
  • digital application integrated mutual services (theater, museums, restaurants, cafes, delivery)
  • neighborhood, family business
  • clustering, bright platforms and centers of attraction - an increase in the flow of visitors
  • partners of the club system, joint promotion of the program
  • a meeting place for neighbors, collectives, families with children three generations - leisure, education, culture, cognition, expansion of services
  • operational services, maintenance
  • logistics and transport, centralization, management (digitalization)


  • the cluster form of organizing urban spaces allows you to turn it into a center of attraction for families, teams, both for a one-time visit and for spending a whole day or weekends there
  • affiliate programs, a joint promotion program allows you to increase the number of visitors, retain and maintain loyalty
  • implementation of an up-to-date urban socio-cultural project using the best European practices
  • cultural themed events
  • implementation of city programs for the development of culture, tourism, entrepreneurship
  • additional leisure facilities for the population, pedestrian flow for business and cultural purposes
  • integration into European cultural events
  • business development in the field of event tourism
  • promotion of competitive products and services in the field of culture on the European market
  • strengthening relations with European capitals, developing mutually beneficial partnerships
  • support system for socio-cultural projects and conceptual business
  • development of PPP
  • creation of additional jobs


  • thematic, conceptual, urban cluster
  • literary quarter
  • international urbanistic, socio-cultural practices
  • improvement of the quarter, courtyards, squares, public spaces
  • entry, presence, place in the cultural calendar of Europe, leading capitals
  • promotion of competitive programs with participation in the field of culture on the international market
  • effective management mechanism and programs, power, PPP
  • additional jobs, expansion of services, trade, culture
  • innovative programs and digital platforms for event business / entrepreneurship


  • traditions of Moscow settlements - my area, my native environment, a place where me, family, friends feel comfortable
  • my district, my club - the concept of a quarter-club
  • I live, relax, work, learn - in my area
  • I know my neighbors, I feel comfortable and safe here
  • I want to develop, work together with my family members and neighbors
  • I am in the midst of cultural events, I myself invent, prepare and conduct them
  • developing cultural, commercial infrastructure, landscape of our neighborhood, we capitalize our housing
  • here is a place for joint leisure, knowledge and learning, here is a meeting place for children, parents, grandparents

Program news

geography, contacts, experience

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Completed projects

The history of Barrio de las Letras reflects in precise numbers the progress made in the area through the form of governance and the use of collective action in favor of the participants. Among other things, it is known that in the period from 2014 to 2019:

comparative Barrio de las letras-100

Based on all this information, it can be concluded that a modern urban management system is highly effective if it is combined with support from local authorities, which can offer their own citizens additional territory for development.

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