International project in the field of affordable tourism

Based on the best practices of the global leader in social security

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The only hotel chain in the world that is 100% certified according to the Universal Accessibility system UNE 170001-2, the national standard of Spain, and the Universal Construction Q SOSTENIBLE

First Spanish company

to receive the World Tourism Organization OMT Award for its work in accessible tourism.

The first hotel chain

to receive the European quality mark EFQM 500 in the field of management


First hotel chain certified by AENOR (Spanish Association for Standardization and Certification) against Covid-19.

28 hotels

The chain includes 28 hotels with three, four and five stars, located in the main cities of Spain.

Spanish National Organization of the Blind

(Spanish Organización Nacional de Ciegos de España, abbreviated ONCE) is the largest Spanish public organization, founded in 1938. In 2018, the ONCE Social Group was created, which includes ONCE (society of the blind, lotteries), Fundación ONCE (training, adaptation) and ILUNION (tourism, rehabilitation, residences for the elderly, remote services, consulting).

The undisputed world leader and flagship, which over the past 8 decades has managed to create a unique model of social security and jobs for people with disabilities (HH).

Today, the ONCE organization implements a significant number of projects, while specializing in technology development, professional training, as well as social integration and the creation of specialized enterprises.

ONCE is a world leader

Rich experience - over 80 years of experience

Practical base of methodologies

Best international practices

European quality system

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Chain hotels

ONCE accessible tourism

It is an extremely powerful tool in the hospitality industry that focuses on restaurants, sports and recreation, and also aims to implement social inclusion projects, improve the overall quality of life of people with disabilities (HH) and their families, and solve problems in everyday life.

The organization offers the best comfort and service for people with disabilities, which allows the client to enjoy quality rest and conduct business meetings and conferences. More than 40% of the staff are people with disabilities.

Ten hotels function as special employment centers. It is a new type of integration model in the tourism industry that serves as an example of integration as a labor force. In a special employment center, more than 70% of employees are people with disabilities. The main goal of the center is to perform productive work in the market, which guarantees paid employment, as well as the provision of services through the individual and social adjustments that are required by people with disabilities.

The joint project involves the introduction of the best practices and models of ONCE hotels in Russia, the EAEU and Uzbekistan: the construction and arrangement of hotels, including restaurants, recreation areas adapted for people with disabilities, the creation of special employment centers to provide additional jobs.




operating hotels in Spain

2 000 000

million happy customers a year


recognized business management model

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