7 Projects in Active Implementation Phase in Central Asia

ACIR Southern Europe

In the last few months, ACIR Southern Europe has launched 7 projects thanks to the work of companies in Southern Europe and financial organizations. In each case, we have achieved not only the presence of companies from the regions, but also an important component of technological and knowledge transfer.

7 projects in implementation

The structure and nomenclature used for the first group of projects that we are implementing are based on the primary needs of the markets. After intensive research and studying demand in the countries, we have developed services and projects that can give the first push to commercial and investment relations.

Water purification and treatment:

A project that offers the best European solutions for water purification, treatment, and optimization of purification processes. Technology, training, and the possibility of obtaining high-quality services with a guarantee. The project involves Spanish and Italian companies with extensive experience in different countries and deserving high marks for their work.

Mobile clinics and more

Creating technical conditions for timely and complete medical service in any situation and area, as well as facilitating the work of medical personnel, are the main goals of these projects, which allow for the provision of high-quality service in conditions of limited accessibility, in places with limited resources, or in emergency situations. Our European partners offer solutions for mobile clinics, camps, catering, transport processing, and much more.

Certification laboratories

This ambitious project provides Central Asian exporters with access to certification, permits, and all necessary documents for the sales process abroad. The project provides for the possibility of conducting several processes on-site with the help of mobile laboratories and an important component of professional training in quality standards and certification.

Representatives of Madrid and Samarkand

One of the most demanded services in recent months is the trade-institutional representation. As ACIR Southern Europe represents the interests of Madrid Investment Attraction, a few months ago we signed an agreement to represent the interests of the Samarkand region in Southern Europe. These programs include events to promote business, investment, education, tourism, and technological transfer opportunities.

Food products, drinks, and cosmetics

The Consortium “Fiesta” is the center of our projects for the export and import of food products, drinks, and cosmetics. Only this year, sales of Spanish and Italian companies in the markets of Central Asia grew by 27% compared to last year. All this is thanks to the work of the ACIR team and partners, who find their reliable counterparts among our clients.

Trading house for the export of textiles and silk

Undoubtedly, this is the most ambitious project and the one that brings the greatest results. In 2023, together with Uztextilprom and other institutional and business organizations, we signed agreements to create trading houses in the most significant European cities. Next May, we will open another one in Barcelona, and in a few months – in Milan. This type of activity will be expanding throughout the year in other European cities for the benefit of institutions and companies in Central Asia.

Trading house for the export of leather, shoes, and more

The high quality of leather goods, shoes, wool, and its derivatives makes the countries of Central Asia ideal partners in these matters. Together with trade associations and their representatives, we are implementing the opening of representative offices and trading houses in European cities characterized by the purchase of these raw materials.

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