Consortium Fiesta positions European products in Eurasian markets

ACIR Southern Europe

New European products have been successfully positioned in Eurasian markets. Countries such as Spain, Italy, and Greece have passed the strict analysis of one of the most important distributors in the Eurasian region, ensuring shipments of products until 2024.

The commercial agreements, managed and administered by the Consorcio Fiesta promoted by ACIR, also include automatic extensions and the possibility of tripling deliveries, after a new evaluation that will be carried out in September of this year.

European products successfully pass quality tests

A specialized committee, consisting of 20 professionals from various fields, analyzed the supplier candidates from Turkey, Spain, Italy, and Greece (the latter three being countries where ACIR develops its activities) to define the final product suppliers to the largest distributor in the Eurasian market.

After 10 hours of work, the committee issued its verdict giving the green light to the brands represented by ACIR and its Consorcio Fiesta. The criteria that allowed them to surpass other countries were the following:

  • Product quality and delivery time
  • Price and logistics ease
  • Product adaptation to the market reality
  • Suitability of the local partner (ACIR)
  • Market experience (ACIR and the Consortium Fiesta had already placed 3 products from the represented brands: juices and olives)

Gourmet and mass consumption products

Basically, olives and their derivatives are the European products that will be distributed in two categories: gourmet and mass consumption.

In the gourmet sector, the presentations in a glass with a volume of 225-370 ml, as well as those with a volume of 720 ml, were selected in 5 types of products.

In addition to the gourmet stores of the distribution chain, these products will be available in marketplaces, gourmet food boutiques, cafes, and hotels that buy directly.

In the case of this work direction, ACIR’s marketing team together with the represented European company have developed labeling and presentation according to the market’s need and practice, which, in the buyer’s words, will help for a better introduction and sale of the product.

In the mass consumption section, 6 articles were selected (pitted and unpitted olives and 4 other types with different fillings). These will have a general presentation and also in the local market languages.

In this way, the Consortium Fiesta promotes Spanish and Italian production in Eurasian markets.

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