Products from Europe continue to arrive in Eurasia

ACIR Southern Europe

Products are arriving in Eurasia through the consortium of food and beverage exporters “Fiesta”. In this way, commercial flow is maintained between companies in Southern Europe and their partners in Eurasian markets. The work of ACIR Southern Europe specialists has allowed long-term agreements to be reached in optimized times and under favorable conditions for all parties, which means benefits for markets that will have quality production at accessible prices.

Olives and derived products

One of the products in high demand in Eurasian markets are those related to olives and their derivatives. Both oils, olives, cosmetics, and other types of products find a place in the markets.

To this end, ACIR Southern Europe specialists designed a work scheme that allows both exporters and importers-distributors to find not only optimal conditions for trade but also access benefits offered by receiving countries for international trade.

In this way, it was achieved that the contract signed in 2022 can be extended throughout 2023 and be accompanied by ACIR specialists. This support also consists of resolving doubts, recommendations on logistics, insurance, storage, and transportation. All of this is added to the support of our offices in the markets in which we work, which includes relationships at the highest level.

Opportunities for European products

As we have been reporting in previous entries, the “FIESTA” Consortium promoted by ACIR offers members opportunities in the markets in which we work. In addition to this, the business ecosystem offers tools that include facilities for finding partners, distributors, payment methods, insurance, logistics, and more. All of this is supported by specialists with years of experience in international trade and sales.

All projects are also accompanied by promotion and marketing campaigns by sector professionals in each of the countries. This allows products and services to be optimized to the reality and practices of the market, thus achieving their objectives in shorter times.

If you are interested in learning more details about the services and possibilities that ACIR and its consortium offer to exporting companies, then visit: https://aci-r.com/consorcio-fiesta/

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