Opportunities for Aquaculture Business in Kazakhstan

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Aquaculture is currently experiencing one of its best moments due to the high demand and nutritional needs of various countries.

Kazakhstan has become an attractive destination for investors interested in the aquaculture sector, as it has a wide variety of fish species, government incentives, and a strategic location in the center of the main commercial routes of Asia and Europe.

Aquaculture: Variety of Fish Species

Kazakhstan has a wide variety of fish species found in its rivers, lakes, and inland seas. Among the most common species are trout, sturgeon, salmon, pike, and catfish, among others. The vast stretches of land covering Kazakh territory, as well as the large number of rivers and lakes, make the country an ideal place for fish production.

In addition, aquaculture in Kazakhstan is not limited to fish production, but also involves the production of caviar, which is highly demanded in the international market. The natural conditions of the country are ideal for the breeding of sturgeons, which are the main source of caviar in the world.

Government Incentives

The Kazakh government has been actively promoting investment in the aquaculture sector, offering tax incentives and financial support to investors. Tax incentives include exemptions from capital gains taxes and reductions in property taxes. In addition, the government has established a special fund for the development of aquaculture, which offers low-interest loans to investors.

Strategic Location

Kazakhstan is located in the center of the main commercial routes of Asia and Europe, facilitating the export of aquaculture products to international markets. In addition, the country has a modern and well-developed infrastructure, which facilitates the transportation and distribution of aquaculture products.

Skilled Workforce

The Central Asian country has a highly skilled workforce in the aquaculture sector. Companies investing in this sector can count on the support of government institutions and international organizations that offer advice and training in aquaculture. This makes Kazakhstan an ideal place for companies looking to expand their operations abroad.

In summary, Kazakhstan offers excellent business opportunities for fish farms and fish hatcheries. The combination of abundant natural resources, a strategic location, and a favorable investment environment make this country an attractive option for investors interested in aquaculture. If you are looking to expand your operations abroad, Kazakhstan is definitely a place you should consider and ACIR Southern Europe is the partner that can manage all the investment or project launch processes.

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