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Water and projects: Kazakhstan is a country with a large amount of water resources, such as rivers, lakes, and reservoirs. However, despite this, the country faces challenges in the management and distribution of water due to its vast territory and the concentration of the population in urban areas. Additionally, climate change has affected the availability of the resource in some regions, leading to the need to implement measures to preserve and improve the quality and quantity of water.

In order to address this situation, Kazakhstan has invested in water projects that seek to improve the infrastructure for distribution and treatment of the resource in various regions of the country. These projects include the construction of water treatment plants, the installation of more efficient pipelines and irrigation systems, and the implementation of water conservation programs in urban areas.

Additionally, the government has taken measures to promote education and awareness of the population regarding the importance of water and its responsible use. Awareness campaigns have been carried out on the conservation of the resource and training programs have been implemented to promote sustainable water management in communities.

Business Opportunities in the Water Sector in Kazakhstan

Investment in water projects in Kazakhstan has generated business opportunities for national and international companies. Some of these opportunities are:

Wastewater Treatment

According to the State Committee of Statistics of Kazakhstan, in 2020, 50% of the wastewater generated in the country did not receive treatment. This creates a great opportunity for companies dedicated to wastewater treatment.

Irrigation Infrastructure

Kazakhstan is a country with a large amount of arable land, but the available water for irrigation is limited. The construction of irrigation infrastructure is an opportunity for companies dedicated to civil engineering.

Water Distribution Systems

Water distribution in Kazakhstan faces challenges such as lack of infrastructure and lack of technology for consumption measurement. Companies dedicated to the installation of water distribution systems have a great opportunity in the country.


Some official statistics on water management and distribution in Kazakhstan are:

  • 72% of Kazakhstan’s water resources are located in the Obi River basin in Siberia.
  • 30% of households in Kazakhstan do not have access to potable water.
  • 68% of the water used in Kazakhstan is allocated to agriculture.
  • Investment in water infrastructure in Kazakhstan reached 2.7 trillion tenge (6.3 billion dollars) in 2020.

Why Participate in Water Projects in Kazakhstan

  1. Kazakhstan has a large amount of water resources, making investment in water projects an attractive opportunity.
  2. The lack of wastewater treatment in the country creates a great opportunity for companies dedicated to this sector.
  3. The construction of irrigation infrastructure is vital to the agricultural development of the country and represents a business opportunity.
  4. Water distribution in Kazakhstan faces challenges, creating opportunities for companies dedicated to the installation of water distribution systems.
  5. Investment in water projects in Kazakhstan has been high in recent years, demonstrating the country’s commitment to improving the management and distribution of the resource.

In conclusion, investment in water projects in Kazakhstan represents a great business opportunity for national and international companies, and is a way to contribute to the development of the country in this sector.

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