Acupuncture Method in Architecture and Urban Planning

ACIR Southern Europe

In the world of architecture and urban planning, there is an innovative method known as Architectural Acupuncture. This approach is based on the idea of applying the principles of traditional Chinese acupuncture to the design and development of urban spaces.

Architectural Acupuncture is based on identifying key points in the city that represent areas of blockage or imbalance. These points can be squares, main streets, or iconic buildings. Just like in traditional acupuncture, the aim is to stimulate these points with carefully planned architectural interventions to restore the flow of energy and improve the quality of the urban environment.

SENIOR Project in Samarkand

One of the most prominent projects that applies this method is the SENIOR project, designed by Eduard Gulián and promoted by ACIR Southern Europe for the city of Samarkand, in Uzbekistan. This ambitious project aims to revitalize the historic city of Samarkand using the principles of Architectural Acupuncture.

The team of architects and urban planners will work closely with experts in this technique to identify the key points in the city that require attention. Strategic architectural interventions will then be designed to improve the functionality and aesthetics of these points, thus creating a more balanced and harmonious urban environment.

Benefits for the city

The application of Architectural Acupuncture in the SENIOR project offers numerous benefits for the city of Samarkand. By restoring balance and energy in the key points of the city, it is expected to improve the quality of life for residents, as well as attract more visitors and promote economic development. In addition to this, the use of innovative European technologies, good practices in the management of public spaces, environmental conservation, and the use of alternative energy sources will be incorporated.

This innovative approach demonstrates how the combination of ancient wisdom and contemporary architecture can transform and revitalize cities, creating more harmonious and livable environments.

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