Business opportunities for European pharmaceutical companies in Central Asia

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Central Asia is becoming a focus of interest for European pharmaceutical companies. Countries such as Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan are experiencing rapid economic development, which presents a multitude of opportunities for expansion and investment in the pharmaceutical sector. The governments of these countries are offering various aids to attract foreign companies, including:

  1. Subsidies for initial investment and infrastructure development.
  2. Tax breaks to encourage investment.
  3. Support for the research and development of new pharmaceutical products.
  4. Facilities for the hiring of qualified local personnel.
  5. Privileged access to local and regional markets.

Economic growth in Central Asia

According to recent data, Uzbekistan’s economy has grown at an average of 5.6% per year over the last five years. Kazakhstan, for its part, has experienced even faster growth, with an average rate of 6.2%. This economic growth has led to an increase in demand for pharmaceutical products and services, creating a growing market for European companies.

Benefits of working in Central Asia

There are several benefits to expanding into the Central Asian market:

  • Growing market: The rapid economic growth has led to an increase in demand for pharmaceutical products and services.
  • Strategic position: The location of Central Asia makes it ideal for accessing the markets of Asia and Europe.

European pharmaceutical companies have much to gain by exploring the opportunities in Central Asia. As the region continues to develop, it is likely that these opportunities will only increase in the future.

ACIR Southern Europe, strategic partner

ACIR Southern Europe offers comprehensive support for European and Central Asian companies interested in the pharmaceutical sector. We provide a variety of effective and strategic tools to facilitate business development and expansion in these markets.

Within its business ecosystem, ACIR Southern Europe provides advisory and consultancy services, helping companies to better understand the business environment, local regulations, and investment possibilities. They also assist in identifying business partners and investment opportunities, while offering assistance in the negotiation and formalization of business agreements.

In addition, ACIR Southern Europe provides companies with a variety of financial instruments, including loans, guarantees, and investment capital, to support investment and growth. It also offers training and development programs to help companies improve their skills and capacities, and to prepare them for success in the Central Asian markets.

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