Andrea Lazzari Businessman, business strategy and institutional relations consultant.


During almost 30 years of uninterrupted work, he has contributed his knowledge to prestigious national and international brands, using his extensive experience in organization, development, expansion, and marketing in different sectors of the economy, including franchising, hospitality, and tourism.

As a representative of US companies such as Franchising Update Media and the UFG group, he has had various previous experiences in internationally renowned companies such as Hard Rock Café, where he participated in the opening, development, and coordination of the marketing and sales structure of this multinational in Italy. This activity made him a strong believer in the franchise system, of which he is a staunch advocate in Spain, where he is currently a member of the Franchise Committee in the Spanish Franchise Association. Lazzari has also been involved in the development and management of important companies such as Hotel Le Sirene Marina di Portisco (Sardinia), Restaurant Sensus Farnese in Plaza Farnese (Rome), Sensus Exedra Presso and Hotel Exedra (Rome), and Restaurant SottoSopra (Madrid), among others. In the Boscolo Hotels group, he managed their spas and the restoration of the chain. These experiences led him to be responsible for hosting important figures from the art and international political world, such as former US President George Bush, the Dalai Lama, and Mikhail Gorbachev, among others.

He was also a co-founder of Advertising & Communication, a company that created highly successful and impactful printed tools such as “Charta Roma” and “Charta Torino”, the official maps of these cities, both recognized as the “official product of the Rome and Turin City Councils”.

Since 2011, he has founded Zerosei Event Spain in Spain, a company dedicated to the development of activities related to the franchise, hospitality, events, and tourism industries, with the aim of coordinating internationalization strategies and representation in Spain. Always very close to the Italian community residing abroad, he is currently the president of Com.It.Es de Madrid (Comitato de los Italianos en el Exterior) and the Ambassador for Italy of the Madrid Business Forum.


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