II International Investment Forum in Tashkent with Spanish presence

Investments in Uzbekistan: In order to closely understand the country’s investment potential and the measures offered by the Uzbek government, ACIR specialists participated in the 2nd International Investment Forum in Uzbekistan held in Tashkent on 27th and 28th April.

Egor Zhunyaev, the director of ACIR’s project office, had the opportunity to participate in the session “Integrated Water Resources Management: Sustainable Agriculture Development and Food Security in Central Asia”, where he presented the company’s water treatment projects and other projects that the company carries out with its European partners in Central Asia.

At another point in his presentation, he referred to ACIR’s experience in establishing joint projects in diverse sectors such as: Water treatment and purification; Mobile clinics; Certification laboratories; Representation in Madrid and Samarkand; Food, beverage and cosmetic products; Trading house for textile, silk, leather, footwear and other products exportation.

Investments in Uzbekistan

One of the main topics of the 2nd International Investment Forum was the support measures offered by the Uzbek government for foreign investors.

In this regard, the President of Uzbekistan, Shavkat Mirziyoyev, highlighted in his opening speech at the Forum that his country has implemented various mechanisms that will help foreign companies find the necessary conditions to invest in Uzbekistan.

Sectors such as agribusiness, textiles, medical devices, construction materials and chemicals are the most focused on in the country. Similarly, renewable energy projects, transportation and logistics, as well as the construction of new industrial complexes, are of interest to the country.

Project office at the heart of Central Asia

ACIR Southern Europe is an active participant in business and investment events in Uzbekistan and internationally. The company constantly seeks to strengthen its links with local companies and institutions and to find new opportunities for investment projects. At this forum, ACIR Southern Europe had the opportunity to interact with other participants and learn about new trends and perspectives in the field of investments and business.

Participation in events like this is not only an opportunity for business promotion, but also a contribution to the common investment and business culture in the region. ACIR Southern Europe is committed to the development of new investment projects in Uzbekistan and other countries in the region. The company will continue to participate in forums and investments in Uzbekistan and other countries, demonstrating its experience and commitment to the economic and social development of the region.

In summary, ACIR Southern Europe’s participation in the 2nd International Investment Forum in Uzbekistan is an example of how Spanish companies are taking advantage of investment opportunities in emerging markets in Central Asia and Southern Europe. With its experience and commitment to the region, ACIR Southern Europe is positioning itself as a key player in the economic and social development of Uzbekistan and other countries in the region.

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