Federitaly and ACIR strengthen their cooperation

In recent days, ACIR Southern Europe has had the privilege of meeting with Federitaly, a non-profit federation dedicated to promoting and protecting Italian entrepreneurship and the “Made in Italy” as one of the main strategic assets of our economic system. This meeting marks the beginning of an exciting collaboration between both organizations.

Exploring opportunities: Positioning Italy in Central Asia

During the meeting with Federitaly, the various collaboration opportunities that exist between ACIR Southern Europe and Italian companies were thoroughly analyzed. In particular, the possibility of establishing joint strategies to position Italy and its products in Central Asia, a constantly growing market with great potential, was discussed. ACIR Southern Europe has committed to providing its support and experience in this process.

According to the CEO of ACIR Southern Europe, the coordination between the ACIR project office in Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan will continue to strengthen the Italian and European presence. In addition, the presentation of investment and work projects in which European companies can participate will be coordinated.

The collaboration between ACIR Southern Europe and Federitaly represents a unique opportunity to foster economic growth through the tools that the ACIR business ecosystem offers to companies. Added to this are the quality contacts that are available in the countries and the possibility of access to both local and international support measures.

Federitaly: Union of businesses and professionals

Federitaly is a union of companies, associations, consortia, foundations, cooperatives, and professionals of all sizes and sectors. These entities are in the sectors of commerce, services, agriculture, industry, and crafts, covering a wide range of economic activities. Its mission is to strengthen the presence of the “Made in Italy” in the global market, promoting the excellence and quality of Italian products.

FEDERITALY facilitates commercial interactions between Italy and the world. Its specialists offer logistic, commercial, legal, fiscal, and organizational support to Italian companies looking to enter the global market or who are already present abroad. FEDERITALY partners are experienced professionals, with a deep knowledge of the commercial and administrative reality of their country. This network provides a platform for dialogue and exchange between Italian and foreign entrepreneurs, strengthening the presence of the “Made in Italy” in the global market and promoting the excellence and quality of Italian products.

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