Consortium of European companies for water treatment projects in Central Asia

The specialists from the ACIR Southern Europe project office have held a meeting with their local partners in Uzbekistan, with whom they have been implementing various water treatment projects.

During the meeting, the current state of cooperation was analyzed and new initiatives to be carried out in 2024 were discussed. This thorough analysis ensures that ACIR Southern Europe and its partners are aligned in their efforts to improve water treatment in the region.

Creation of international consortia

In addition, the conditions for the creation of international consortia of companies participating in projects, tenders, and direct awards in the markets of Uzbekistan and Central Asia were defined. This initiative promoted by ACIR Southern Europe will allow closer collaboration between the entities involved, benefiting not only the companies but also the local communities.

The creation of these international consortia represents a unique opportunity to attract the most outstanding and relevant companies from Europe. This joint effort will not only allow the introduction and application of the latest technologies in the field of water treatment but will also encourage the arrival of highly specialized personnel.

This strategic initiative will strengthen the consortium partners’ position in the Uzbekistan and Central Asia market, allowing a greater impact in the region through more effective and efficient projects.

Alternatives for project financing

The formation of consortia with European companies opens new possibilities in terms of access to financing. This strategy will allow taking advantage of the various alternative financing sources that each of the companies participating in the consortium has at its disposal. This means that not only the company’s own resources are available, but other financing options can be explored that could be more beneficial for the development and execution of water treatment projects.

The areas of work where financing is accessible are:

  • Water purification services
  • Water desalination services
  • Wastewater treatment
  • Rainwater management and treatment
  • Remediation services for contaminated groundwater

If you are interested in participating in these projects or if you want to get more information, do not hesitate to contact the specialists at ACIR Southern Europe. They will be delighted to assist you and work with you to improve water treatment in Uzbekistan and Central Asia.

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