Workshop with exporters from Tashkent and Bukhara

ACIR Southern Europe has successfully organized various business promotion events between Southern Europe and Uzbekistan. These events took place in Tashkent and Bukhara and involved the participation of over 30 companies from diverse sectors such as textiles, food, agribusiness, construction materials, and information technology.

Key sectors analysis

During the events, the most important sectors for foreign trade and investment opportunities were analyzed. ACIR Southern Europe presented its business platform, shared success stories, and offered its experience in executing projects in both continents.

More than 30 companies from diverse sectors such as textiles, food, agribusiness, construction materials, and information technology participated in the events. Their participation allowed for an exchange of experiences and knowledge, which helped promote new business opportunities and strengthen commercial relations between Spain and Uzbekistan.

There was a great interest in receiving technologies and investments from Europe in sectors such as renewable energy, agribusiness, water treatment, and medicine. This demonstrates that Uzbek companies are seeking new growth opportunities and are open to collaboration with European companies.

Results of the events

ACIR Southern Europe has initiated negotiations with 6 Uzbek companies interested in exporting their products to Southern Europe. Each of them will be worked with on a customized basis to adapt their commercial proposal to the realities of the market, standardize their processes, manage payments and insurance, and obtain all necessary documents.

In the second stage, the exportable offer will be incorporated into our business platform where interested distributors or buyers will be found. From then on and depending on the product or service, ACIR Southern Europe and its specialists will accompany companies until the so-called “point of no return” where companies feel comfortable and self-sufficient in the chosen market.

Business opportunities in Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan is a country with great potential for economic growth. Its geographical location makes it an important transit center for trade between Asia and Europe. In addition, the Uzbek government has implemented a series of reforms to improve the business climate in the country and attract foreign investment. All of this makes Uzbekistan an attractive destination for companies looking to expand their operations in Central Asia.

In summary, the business promotion events between Spain and Uzbekistan have been a success in promoting new business opportunities and strengthening commercial relations between both countries. ACIR Southern Europe has demonstrated its experience in executing projects in both continents and has initiated negotiations with Uzbek companies to export their products to Southern Europe. If you are interested in expanding your business in Uzbekistan, do not miss the opportunity to contact us for more information.

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