Valencian Water Treatment Company Interested in Central Asia

We recently had the opportunity to meet in Valencia with one of the most prominent companies in the water treatment sector.

This company has extensive experience and a rich portfolio in the management of wastewater treatment plants. Currently, they are in charge of the operation of 204 of these facilities, demonstrating their great capacity and knowledge in the field of water treatment. They also form part of consortia with the largest companies in Spain and have established joint ventures with companies in Mexico, Panama, Peru, the Netherlands, and Italy.

International Presence

In addition to their strong presence in Spain, the company has expanded its operations internationally. In particular, they have established a division in Italy and other countries, demonstrating their commitment to growth and expansion in the water treatment sector.

This company is open to working with Central Asian countries and offers its solutions in various areas of cooperation:

  1. Infrastructure Development: They offer their expertise in creating and managing water treatment plants to help these countries improve their water infrastructure.
  2. Training and Capacity Building: They provide training and capacity building in best water treatment practices, which can help improve water quality in these countries.
  3. Research and Development: They are interested in collaborating on research and development projects related to improving water treatment techniques.
  4. Consulting: They offer consulting services to help Central Asian countries develop effective water management strategies.
  5. Strategic Alliances: They are open to forming strategic alliances with local companies to improve water management in these countries.

Thanks to their extensive history and several years of experience in the water treatment market, this company has decided to select ACIR Southern Europe as their trusted partner for their international operations.

ACIR Southern Europe will carry out all critical exploration and networking tasks in these new markets. This will include identifying business opportunities, assessing market conditions and local regulation, as well as building strong relationships with key stakeholders. The collaboration between these two organizations promises to be beneficial for both parties and will contribute to improving water management in Central Asian countries.

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    • Strategic Agreement between ACIR and Qaz Innovations

      In an effort to strengthen trade and innovation ties between Southern Europe and Kazakhstan, ACIR Southern Europe and Qaz Innovations have signed a memorandum of understanding.

    • Participation in the Agritek/Farmtek 2024 Fair

      The director of the project office of ACIR Southern Europe, actively participated in the Agritek/Farmtek 2024 Fair in Astana, Kazakhstan. This fair is recognized as the most important event in the agro-industrial sector in Central Asia.

    • Meeting with the President of the Valencia Chamber of Commerce

      The President of ACIR Southern Europe, Eduard Gulián, along with the Ambassador of Uzbekistan in Spain, H.E. Farrukh Tursunov, and the Honorary Consul of Uzbekistan in Valencia, Mr. José María Chiquillo, met with the President of the Valencia Chamber of Commerce to analyze the business and investment opportunities that the Valencian Community offers for Uzbek and Central Asian companies.

    • ACIR promotes relations between Samarkand and Valencia

      Samarkand, a region rich in heritage and potential, has sent a delegation to Valencia in a strategic visit to explore and disseminate its tourist and investment opportunities. ACIR Southern Europe, the official link of Samarkand in Southern European countries, has played a crucial role in organizing meaningful encounters with various Valencian institutions, strengthening relations and fostering investment opportunities.


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