Alfonso Delgado Villafranca President of the Centennial Taverns and Restaurants Association of the Community of Madrid

alfonso delgado villafranca

For 25 years, I have directed and managed one of Madrid’s most emblematic restaurants, Casa Alberto, founded in 1827. True to its tradition, Casa Alberto has maintained Madrid’s gastronomy while adapting to current trends. Additionally, for the past 10 years, I have served as the president of the Association of Centennial Taverns and Restaurants of the Community of Madrid, which includes 12 iconic temples of Madrid’s gastronomy such as La Ardosa, Botín, Café Gijón, Casa Alberto, Casa Ciriaco, Casa Labra, Casa Pedro, La Casa del Abuelo, Lhardy, Malacatín, Posada de la Villa, and Taberna Antonio Sánchez.


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