Promoting Culture and Business between Spain, Armenia, and Uzbekistan

Eduard Gulian, CEO of ACIR Southern Europe, held a working meeting with the ambassadors of Armenia and Uzbekistan in Spain, H.E. Sos Avetisyan and H.E. Jakhondir Ganiev, respectively. During this meeting, they shared initiatives and projects they have been working on and other efforts to promote culture, gastronomy, and business opportunities between our countries and Spain.

Representatives from the Association of Centennial Restaurants and Taverns in Madrid also participated in the meeting as active partners of ACIR in various projects in Eurasia.

Twinning of Cities

In addition to our initiatives to promote culture and business, we are working on several large-scale urban and architectural projects. These projects aim to enhance the presence of historical and cultural figures from our countries in the brother territory, as well as promote sustainable development of our cities and local communities.

Each of these projects is unique and requires a personalized approach, so our team of experts is working closely with regional authorities, architects, urban planners, engineers, and other professionals to ensure the success of each project.

All of these initiatives have brought together Spanish companies that offer innovative solutions in smart cities and technologies, committed to a more sustainable and connected future.

Projects in Various Sectors

In Uzbekistan, we are working on several projects in various areas. In the textile sector, we are exploring ways to improve the efficiency and sustainability of textile production. Additionally, we are working on product certification for export, which will allow Uzbek companies to reach new international markets. We are also addressing the important issue of water treatment, with projects aimed at improving access to clean and safe water for local communities. Finally, we are collaborating on medical projects, including the construction of new hospitals and the implementation of cutting-edge technologies to improve healthcare throughout the country.

In Armenia, we are working on projects in the health, technology, and food and beverage sectors. In the technology sector, we are exploring innovative solutions in smart cities and technologies to promote sustainable development of our local communities.

In the food and beverage sector, we are working on the implementation of European technology to improve the efficiency and sustainability of food and beverage production. We are also exploring ways to improve the quality and safety of products to meet international standards and reach new markets.

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