Participation in the Agritek/Farmtek 2024 Fair

The director of the project office of ACIR Southern Europe, actively participated in the Agritek/Farmtek 2024 Fair in Astana, Kazakhstan. This fair is recognized as the most important event in the agro-industrial sector in Central Asia.

The Agritek/Farmtek Fair attracts a variety of participants from around the world, including agro-industrial companies, agricultural machinery manufacturers, agricultural technology companies, and farmers. This event provides a valuable platform for foreign companies to enter the Central Asian market. By interacting with a variety of key players in the agro-industrial sector, companies have the opportunity to form lasting business relationships, explore new market opportunities, and better understand the trends and challenges of the industry.

Strategic meetings and negotiations

During his visit, he had the opportunity to meet with various Kazakh entrepreneurs interested in expanding their activities to Southern Europe. In addition, a meeting was held with European companies that also participated in the fair. It was agreed to continue negotiations to expand operations not only to Kazakhstan but also to other Central Asian markets.

He also had the opportunity to participate in specialized sessions during the fair. Here, he shared his vast experience in carrying out foreign trade projects between Central Asia and Southern Europe.

Governmental support for foreign companies in Kazakhstan

The government of Kazakhstan offers a favorable environment for foreign companies interested in expanding in the country. According to official statistics, the government has implemented various stimulus measures to attract foreign direct investment. Among them are tax incentives, such as the exemption from income tax for a period of 10 years for companies investing in priority sectors.

In addition, a simplified licensing regime is offered to foreign companies and a “one-stop shop” has been established for the processing of all necessary documents to start a business in the country. This has greatly simplified the process of establishing companies, and Kazakhstan has significantly improved its position in the World Bank’s ease of doing business ranking.

The government has also established special economic zones (SEZ) with favorable conditions for foreign companies. Companies operating in these SEZs can benefit from income tax exemptions, property taxes, and value-added taxes.

Kazakhstan’s commitment to economic openness and support for foreign companies has resulted in a steady increase in foreign investment in recent years. In 2019, foreign direct investment in the country reached 24 billion dollars, an increase of 15.8% compared to the previous year.

Sectors of opportunity for European companies

In Kazakhstan, the agro-industry sectors with the greatest business opportunity for European companies include the production of agricultural machinery, the development of agricultural technology, and the production of organic food. The country is looking to modernize its agricultural sector and is open to the adoption of new technologies and practices. In addition, there is a growing interest in organic and sustainable foods, which represents a great opportunity for European companies that are leading in these sectors.

  1. Agricultural Machinery Production: Kazakhstan seeks to modernize its agricultural sector and needs advanced machinery to increase the efficiency and productivity of its agricultural operations.
  2. Development of Agricultural Technology: The country is interested in adopting new technologies to improve crop management, pest control, and irrigation efficiency.
  3. Organic Food Production: There is a growing interest in organic and sustainable foods in Kazakhstan, which represents a great opportunity for European companies that lead in this sector.
  4. Precision Agriculture: Precision agriculture technologies can help Kazakh farmers maximize the efficiency of their operations and minimize costs.
  5. Production of High-Quality Seeds and Crops: There is a growing demand for high-quality seeds and crops to improve yields and the quality of agricultural products.
  6. Livestock and Aquaculture: There is an opportunity for the export of high-quality livestock and aquaculture products from Europe to Kazakhstan.
  7. Training and Consulting: Companies offering training and advice in sustainable and efficient agricultural practices have a great opportunity in this market.

For more information on how your company can take advantage of these opportunities in the agro-industrial sector of Kazakhstan, do not hesitate to contact ACIR Southern Europe.

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