“FIESTA” Consortium makes its presence at Barcelona Food Fair

The consortium of food and beverage product exporters “FIESTA” has been present at the Barcelona Food Fair. During the event, representatives of “FIESTA” held meetings with local and European partners, seeking new work directions that allow the introduction of European production in Eurasia.

The participation of ACIR and its consortium is a regular activity, underlining their commitment and dedication in creating solid business relationships. The Barcelona Food Fair is a prominent event that fosters collaboration between local and European partners. It is also recognized for its dynamic environment, the diversity of participants, and the unparalleled opportunities it offers for trend discovery and the creation of new business alliances.

Discovering the latest trends

In addition to forging new business alliances, the “FIESTA” consortium stayed abreast of the latest trends in production and logistics during the Barcelona Food Fair. The use of innovative technologies and modern solutions at various stages of the food and beverage supply chain was particularly highlighted. For example:

  1. Production: The use of automation and robotics technologies to improve efficiency in food and beverage production was discussed. Specifically, machines that can handle repetitive and laborious tasks were presented, freeing workers for more complex tasks.
  2. Conservation: New preservation techniques and solutions were explored, such as vacuum packaging and high-tech refrigeration, which can prolong the shelf life of products while maintaining their freshness and quality.
  3. Product handling: The implementation of tracking and traceability systems using technologies like IoT (Internet of Things) and Blockchain was highlighted, to ensure safety and transparency in product handling from their origin to their final destination.

Sharing experiences

In practical sessions, ACIR Southern Europe and its consortium shared their experiences in carrying out foreign trade projects. They talked about project financing, the various payment methods available, and the optimized working conditions they offer to exporters and importers.

To conclude their participation, they shared information about the new markets they are working on and the opportunities these offer to European companies. As specialists in trade and investment relations between Central Asia and Southern Europe, ACIR Southern Europe is in a unique position to foster collaboration and growth.

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