Boosting foreign trade with Italian companies to expand markets

ACIR Southern Europe, led by President Eduard Gulian, has forged a strategic alliance with leading Italian companies specializing in vital sectors such as pharmaceuticals, food products, and power stations.

This meeting marks the beginning of a collaboration aimed at redefining the landscape of foreign trade between Southern Europe and Central Asia.

An alliance for global expansion

ACIR’s mission is to provide optimal solutions in international trade, and this partnership with Italian partners will further strengthen their ability to do so. Italian companies will be able to expand to a new continent, leveraging ACIR’s experience and network in Central Asia.

Italian partner companies will enjoy multiple benefits. From access to new markets to greater risk diversification, this collaboration will provide them with opportunities to expand their global presence and strengthen their competitiveness. Additionally, they will be able to leverage local expertise and resources from ACIR to optimize their market entry strategies.

For companies in Central Asia, this partnership represents a gateway to high-quality products and advanced technologies from Italy. Through collaboration with ACIR and their Italian partners, they will gain access to new products, services, and knowledge that will drive their growth and development in key sectors such as pharmaceuticals, food, and power generation.


The alliance between ACIR Southern Europe and specialized Italian companies is a significant step towards expanding foreign trade and creating new business opportunities. This collaboration will not only benefit Italian companies but also have a positive impact on the economies of Southern Europe and Central Asia, strengthening trade relations and promoting sustainable development on a global scale

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