ACIR Southern Europe’s Participation in the Mass and Medal Ceremony of the Royal Corps of Nobility

ACIR Southern Europe, a leading company specialized in promoting trade relations and investments between Central Asia and Southern Europe, had the privilege and honor of participating in the solemn mass held at the emblematic Chapel of the Chaste King, belonging to the illustrious Holy Metropolitan Basilica Cathedral Church of San Salvador of Oviedo, better known as the Oviedo Cathedral, on Saturday, November 4, 2023.

During this religious ceremony, the CEO of ACIR Southern Europe, accompanied by a select group of company specialists, were present both at the mass and at the subsequent ceremony. In this post-mass event, the imposition of the valuable corporate medals to the new members of the Royal Corps of Nobility was carried out, who were named as Knights and Dames, an act that symbolizes recognition of their contribution to society.

Collaboration with the Royal Corps of Nobility

ACIR Southern Europe had the honor of participating in this outstanding event as a guest of the Royal Corps of Nobility of the Principality of Asturias, a strategic partner of great importance. These types of collaborations are invaluable as they not only provide the opportunity to share knowledge and experiences, but also strengthen ACIR Southern Europe’s relationships with high-prestige entities in Southern Europe. These links are essential for the growth and development of our organization, allowing us to continue advancing in our mission and objectives in the region.

Together with the members of the Royal Corps of Nobility, we are implementing trade and investment initiatives between Southern Europe and Central Asia. These initiatives, driven by ACIR Southern Europe and the Royal Corps of Nobility, are designed to foster equitable and sustainable trade exchange, benefiting both regions. At the same time, we seek to foster cultural understanding and cooperation between the peoples of Central Asia and Southern Europe.

In this regard, ACIR Southern Europe and the Royal Corps of Nobility are working closely together to identify strategic investment opportunities and development projects that can benefit both regions.

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