ACIR and Uzbek partners in “Made in Spain: Innovations in Design”

ACIR Southern Europe, the specialist in trade and investment relations between Central Asia and Southern Europe, recently participated in the event “Made in Spain: Innovations in Design” in Uzbekistan. This event was organized by ICEX and involved several Spanish companies in the sector.

ACIR, in collaboration with its Uzbek partners, initiated negotiations with the Spanish companies that came to Tashkent to offer their products and services in the field of ceramics and construction materials. ACIR’s presence in these conversations allowed the Spanish companies present to have a trusted local partner, familiar with the Uzbek market and with a wide network of contacts.

This collaborative approach is part of ACIR’s strategy to strengthen trade relations between Central Asia and Southern Europe.

Seeking clients and distributors

During the event, ACIR established agreements with several of the participants to continue collaborating on future projects. This collaboration will not be limited to a single facet, but will be oriented towards the active search for clients and distributors that allow strengthening the commercial ties between the participating companies. In addition, ACIR committed to working in five strategic directions that will contribute to increasing trade between Spain and Uzbekistan.

  1. Strengthening of trade relations: Improve and grow trade interactions between companies from Spain and Uzbekistan.
  2. Promotion of investment: Encourage investment in the ceramics and construction materials sector in both countries.
  3. Promotion of technological innovation: Stimulate and support the development and implementation of new technologies in the sector.
  4. Expansion of business networks: Expand connections and collaborations between companies and professionals in the sector in both countries.
  5. Facilitation of access to the Uzbek market for Spanish companies: Help Spanish companies to enter and establish themselves in the Uzbek market.

Business Opportunities in the Ceramics Sector in Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan presents a great opportunity for Spanish companies in the ceramics sector. With a growing economy and increasing demand for high-quality ceramic products, Spanish companies have the opportunity to expand in this emerging market. In addition, with the support of ACIR, companies can overcome any language or cultural barrier and successfully establish their operations in Uzbekistan. This emerging market offers a unique opportunity for Spanish companies to grow and establish a strong presence in Central Asia.

According to reports, the ceramic market in Uzbekistan has been growing at a steady pace in recent years. It is estimated that the ceramic market in Uzbekistan will grow at a compound annual rate of 7% over the next five years. Additionally, the demand for high-quality ceramic products has increased by 10% in the last year. With this steady growth, Spanish companies have a great opportunity to expand their presence in this emerging market.

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