ACIR and European Companies at Uzbuild 2024

ACIR Southern Europe, in a strategic collaboration with leading companies from Spain and Italy, has participated in one of the most influential and relevant construction fairs in Central Asia, “Uzbuild 2024”. This large-scale and significant event has provided an exceptional platform for business-to-business (B2B) meetings, signing of collaboration agreements, and the planning and development of consortia.

Traditionally, ACIR participates in this event along with European companies. These companies find significant and promising business opportunities in their local partners.

Fostering Innovation in Construction with European Technologies

Among the various sectors that have attracted attention and generated greater interest in recent times, it is undeniable that the road construction sector has stood out significantly. This sector, with its diversity of projects and challenges, has attracted the attention of numerous investors and companies.

In this specific area, European companies and their advanced and efficient technologies have enormous potential and much to contribute. This potential is not only limited to construction itself, but also extends to planning, design, and innovation in the field.

Another aspect that generated great interest, and turned out to be a recurring and central theme in many discussions and negotiations that took place, was the location of construction materials factories. The location of these factories is crucial for the efficiency and success of construction projects.

In the same line, participation in tenders was another of the topics highlighted as key points. Both topics, the location of the factories and the bids, were undoubtedly topics of great importance and relevance in the discussions and negotiations that took place.

ACIR: A Strategic Bridge between Central Asia and Southern Europe

ACIR, thanks to its experience in the Central Asian market and its role as a representative and project operator, has a significant position in the expansion of European companies in the region.

By attending prominent events like UzBuild 2024, ACIR shows its commitment to strengthening trade relations between Central Asia and Europe. The Central Asian market, growing and potential, has an increasing demand for advanced technologies and high-quality construction materials, which presents interesting opportunities for European companies.

ACIR, with its partners, actively participates in various projects in Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan, adding value at all stages, from implementation and management to project monitoring.

If you are a European company looking to expand in the Central Asian markets and need expert advice to do so effectively, look no further. At ACIR, we have a team of experts who will help you stand out in the competitive construction market.

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