David Escamilla Communicator - Editor - Writer - Musician

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science and Sociology (Autonomous University of Barcelona)
  • Diploma di Maturità Scientifica – Liceo Scientifico (Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Rome)
  • Director and presenter of audiovisual programs dedicated to experts, consultants, entrepreneurs, and businesspeople (Since 2011)
  • Accounts and Innovation Director at COMUNICACIÓN Y MÁS (360 Communication Agency)
  • Journalist and Communications Specialist. Presenter and Director of programs on radio (National Radio of Spain, RAC 1, Catalunya Ràdio, Catalunya Cultura, COM Ràdio). Presenter and Director of programs on television (Televisión Española, Cuatro, Televisió de Catalunya).
  • Author of more than 50 books published since 1992 by the main publishing houses in Spain and Catalonia (Random House Mondadori, Planeta, Plataforma Editorial, La Esfera de los libros, Edicions 62, Columna Edicions, Angle Editorial, Cossetània Edicions, Pagès Editors). Essays, biographies, novels, short stories, cultural guides, and poetry.


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