European companies at the CAF fair in Almaty

Last July, ACIR had the honor of participating in the CAF fair in Almaty. During the fair, it represented companies from Spain and Italy, showcasing the offerings of these companies and seeking local partners to establish business relationships.

The CAF fair in Almaty, also known as Central Asian Fashion, is the most important fair in the Central Asian textile sector. For this reason, leading companies in the fashion and clothing sector participate in it to showcase their products and establish business relationships with local partners. ACIR had the honor of representing Spanish and Italian companies at this fair and promoting their expansion in the international market.

Representation of Spanish and Italian companies

During the CAF fair in Almaty, ACIR participated in meetings with different companies interested in the production of the represented companies. It had the opportunity to present the offerings of Spanish and Italian companies and discuss possible collaboration agreements with local partners. In addition, machines for textile production were presented, which aroused great interest among visitors to the fair. These machines, designed to improve production and product quality, were well received by companies interested in improving their efficiency and competitiveness.

It is important to highlight that ACIR had a prominent presence at the fair and demonstrated itself to be a reliable and expert partner in representing European companies in international markets.

Instruments for internationalization

In addition to representing European companies, ACIR presented the instruments it offers to Central Asian companies for their internationalization to Southern European countries. These instruments allow companies to expand into new markets and improve their international presence.

ACIR offers a wide range of services for companies looking to expand into Southern Europe, including advice on market entry, identification of business opportunities, and support in finding local partners. In addition, it provides assistance to companies in obtaining financing and complying with the legal, certification, and tax requirements of the European Union.

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