Celebration of the National Day of Spain in Astana

Spain – Kazakhstan have strengthened their relations in one of the most unforgettable concerts of recent times

The National Day of Spain was celebrated with great enthusiasm in Astana, Kazakhstan. ACIR Southern Europe had the honor of actively participating in the organization of the commemorative activities that the Embassy of Spain in Kazakhstan organized for this special day.

The National Day of Spain in Astana became a memorable meeting point for the most outstanding personalities of business, politics, and art from Kazakhstan. This extraordinary event, where a unique concert was held, managed to gather a select audience that enjoyed Spanish music and culture in an atmosphere of commemoration and joy. This celebration marked a milestone in the relations between Spain and Kazakhstan, by providing a space for cultural exchange and the strengthening of ties between both countries.

Solo Concert of Spanish Music

The most prominent activity was the solo concert of Spanish music “Born in Spain” with the soprano voice of Jone Martínez and the piano music of Itxaso Sainz de la Maza at the Astana Opera.

The work performed during the concert, “Born in Spain”, was a wonderful sample of Spanish classical music. Jone Martínez, with her impressive soprano voice, and Itxaso Sainz de la Maza, with her virtuosity on the piano, managed to capture the essence of Spanish music, evoking images and emotions that transported the audience to the sunny coasts and vibrant landscapes of Spain.

The audience’s response was overwhelmingly positive. Attendees expressed their appreciation with a standing ovation and enthusiastic applause. Comments after the concert revealed that the music had deeply touched many, and that the experience had elevated their appreciation for Spain’s rich musical culture. This successful event contributed to further enrich the cultural relationship between Spain and Kazakhstan.

Participation of Spanish Companies

In addition to ACIR, other Spanish corporations, which are undisputed leaders in business in Kazakhstan, joined the celebrations. This participation evidences the unquestionable presence of Spanish companies in the country.

The active and unequivocal involvement of ACIR in these celebrations solidifies its presence in Kazakhstan, positioning it as one of the most influential companies in the market. ACIR maintains an unwavering commitment to strengthening relations between Spain and Kazakhstan.

ACIR, together with its Kazakh partners, was present at the event, which also provided an excellent opportunity to meet new companies and expand its network of contacts in the country.

ACIR Southern Europe actively supports and promotes cultural exchange between Spain and Central Asian countries.

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