Business Council Spain-Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan-Spain: The Spain-Kazakhstan Business Council is an annual event aimed at developing commercial relations between the two countries. This time, ACIR Southern Europe was invited by the Ministry of Trade of Kazakhstan to participate in the event held in Almaty on May 31, 2023.

Business Council sessions serve to explore business opportunities or strengthen and expand existing ones between Spanish and Kazakh companies.

At the opening, the additional matching between the markets, the conveniences offered by the countries, and the ideal moment for project implementation were noted.

ACIR experts shared their experience in implementing bilateral and multidimensional projects in various sectors of the countries’ economies.

The ACIR Project Office is responsible for searching and managing projects in Kazakhstan and is currently working on four main projects, including renewable energy, water treatment, fisheries, veterinary, and animal husbandry. ACIR Southern Europe is one of the Spanish companies with the largest presence in Central Asia, having implemented more than 20 projects in different countries.

Currently, Kazakhstan has an area of 2,724,900 square kilometers and a population of more than 18 million people. It is rich in natural resources, including oil, gas, uranium, and precious metals. In addition, the Kazakhstani government has launched a series of initiatives to attract foreign investment and diversify its economy.

Specifically, some sectors of the Kazakhstani economy offer interesting opportunities for Spanish companies:


Kazakhstan is one of the largest producers of oil and gas globally and has significant potential in renewable energy sources such as solar and wind energy. Additionally, the Kazakhstani government has established a series of incentives to encourage investment in renewable energy sources, which represents a great opportunity for Spanish companies operating in this sector.


The country is rich in precious metals such as gold and copper, as well as other minerals such as uranium and iron. The mining industry plays an important role in the Kazakhstani economy and is a constantly growing sector. Spanish companies working in the mining industry can find significant business opportunities in Kazakhstan.

Agriculture and animal husbandry

Kazakhstan has vast areas of arable land and natural pastures and is one of the world’s largest producers of wheat and other cereals. Additionally, the country has a lot of livestock, making it an important producer of meat and dairy products.


The Kazakhstani government is implementing an ambitious infrastructure development plan, which represents a great opportunity for Spanish companies operating in this sector. The country needs to develop roads, railways, ports, airports, and other infrastructure to continue to grow and develop.

ACIR Southern Europe, thanks to its extensive experience in Central Asia, can help Spanish companies identify and use these opportunities. If your company is interested in expanding its business in Kazakhstan, do not hesitate to contact us to get more information about business opportunities in this country.

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    • ACIR committed to the promotion of museums and the training of specialists

      The president of ACIR Southern Europe, Eduard Gulián held a meeting with Miguel Falomir Faus, director of the National Prado Museum. The topics of discussion were varied, highlighting the promotion of museums and the training of specialists.

    • Meeting with the President of the Valencia Chamber of Commerce

      The President of ACIR Southern Europe, Eduard Gulián, along with the Ambassador of Uzbekistan in Spain, H.E. Farrukh Tursunov, and the Honorary Consul of Uzbekistan in Valencia, Mr. José María Chiquillo, met with the President of the Valencia Chamber of Commerce to analyze the business and investment opportunities that the Valencian Community offers for Uzbek and Central Asian companies.

    • ACIR promotes relations between Samarkand and Valencia

      Samarkand, a region rich in heritage and potential, has sent a delegation to Valencia in a strategic visit to explore and disseminate its tourist and investment opportunities. ACIR Southern Europe, the official link of Samarkand in Southern European countries, has played a crucial role in organizing meaningful encounters with various Valencian institutions, strengthening relations and fostering investment opportunities.

    • Presentation of the SENIOR urban-architectural project to Valencian authorities

      Eduard Gulián, president of ACIR Southern Europe, has led a productive meeting with executives from the Valencia City Council and the Comutitat Valenciana. The meeting addressed key issues such as twinning between cities, the exchange of experiences in tourism, and, primarily, the cultural-urban SENIOR project.


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