ACIR and its business partners meet with the Uzbek ambassador in Spain

ACIR Southern Europe, a company that manages trade and investment projects, organized a meeting between Catalan businessmen and investors and the Uzbek ambassador to Spain, His Excellency Farrukh Turkunov. The meeting, held at the prestigious Barcelona Equestrian Club, served as a platform for exploring new opportunities for cooperation and strengthening trade relations between the two regions.

A high-level meeting in an unparalleled setting

The meeting, which brought together representatives from such diverse sectors as transport and logistics, hospitality, banking and insurance, real estate investment, the food industry, engineering and investment, took place at the emblematic Barcelona Equestrian Club. This space, founded in 1856, has become a benchmark for business and the global business elite, offering an unparalleled setting for such meetings.

A step forward in strengthening relations between Spain and Uzbekistan

This initiative by ACIR Southern Europe demonstrates its commitment to promoting trade relations between Spain and Uzbekistan. The company, with extensive experience in managing trade and investment projects, was responsible for organizing this meeting, bringing together key players from both countries with the aim of exploring new avenues for collaboration and fostering trade exchange.

Key topics to strengthen trade between Catalonia and Uzbekistan

During the meeting, various topics of interest for the development of trade between Catalonia and Uzbekistan were addressed. Among the most noteworthy points are:

  • Identification of investment opportunities in strategic sectors: The possibilities of investing in sectors such as agribusiness, renewable energy, tourism and infrastructure were analyzed.
  • Exploration of avenues for business collaboration: Contacts were established between Catalan and Uzbek companies with the aim of exploring potential joint ventures, collaboration agreements and joint projects.
  • Analysis of trade barriers: The main trade barriers that hinder trade between the two countries were identified and solutions were proposed to eliminate them.

In short, this meeting has been an important step forward in strengthening trade relations between Catalonia and Uzbekistan. ACIR Southern Europe, through such initiatives, has established itself as a benchmark in promoting foreign trade and investment between Spain and Central Asian countries.

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